Robenda Aquilla

b. 29.12.2014
Breeder: Mr Robert Stobbart, Durham GB
Sex: Bitch
ED: 0/1
Eyes: PPM, others ok

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Irmas pedigree
GB FT CH Waterford Ganton Endacott Kite Of Chisbrook GB FT CH Hatchfield Deargal
Endacott Guinea
GB FT CH Waterford Easter GB FT CH Dipplelodge Raven Of Riversway
GB FT CH Waterford Covey
Arrborhouse Ember Ebony Black As Night GB FT CH Endacott Shelf
Drakeshead Evie
Claravale Wildrose GB FT CH Saxaphone Express
Claravale Jeanie

Irma is a calm and a pedant bitch. She is happy and friendly towards people and other dogs. She likes get to know the new persons herself before she kisses their faces all wet. She is easily trainable and she learns new things fast and she is a good problem solver. Irma has been trained by operant conditioning.

Irma doesn't have fear of surfaces or noises. She has a faint guard behaviour which is shown by a guard barking. She tells you when someone is coming into our property. Irma rides easily on a rowing boat and on a motor boat. She can be sent to retrieve from a boat and she can climb back onboard. She is an eager swimmer. She doesn't have fear of tractors or other big machines.

I can keep her off the leash where ever I want to and she isn't interested of anyone else other than me and she is ready to work with me instantly. We have our own bubble. Even thought Irma is calm natured dog, during training or hunting she is fast and persistent who always tries her best and doesn't give up before she finds the game. She always goes eagerly to retrieve.

Irma has been naturally very calm while waiting to retrieve. This is something I haven't had to teach her at all. She hasn't never whined or stressed while other dogs retrieve near her. Ever since her first picking up day, which she attended under two years old, I have been able to keep her off the leash. The birds have been shot and dropped near to us but she hasn't never jumped in. She calmly waits before it's her turn to retrieve. During breaks she can walk unleashed without a heeling command and I know she doesn't go to flush the birds or go to meet other dogs or people.

Irma was a bold puppy. As an adult she goes vigorously and without a hesitation into a new places searching them trough. After this she takes contact to me. As a puppy it were seen that she easily takes distance from me. Even as a little puppy she wasn't afraid of going to look new places on her own. This is something I kept in mind when training her. I thought her to read my body language, f.e which way I was going to so she learned to follow my lead.

This independency and a stubbornness is still there. She doesn't always agree with me to which way we go. In training this is sometimes present, she can be quite certain that her decision is the right one. Her trainability compensates it.

In obedient training I have used a lot a prey- and pull playing. It hasn't caused any problems when retrieving. Irma has a deep and soft hold of the game. We also do Dobo, which is an exercise done on top of the stability balls shaped like eggs or with balance disks to improve balance, body management, deep muscles and stretching.

Irma does scent detection, which she likes a lot. She is an excellent sniffer and focused pedantic searcher. We do detection search both indoors and outdoors, also on a scent line-ups. Through this I have get to know more the interesting world of scent detection.

Irma might react to external stimulus but because of her good performance she is able to carry on straight away. She never reacts to external stimuli during working. This is a feature I hope more toughness. She never fears of what have happened. Irma speaks dog language well, she knows if the dog coming towards her is shy and she approaches the dog very low and making herself harmless. Irma doesn't get provoked by an aggressive dogs and to shy dogs she gives a lot of time and space. She has strong nerves.

As a dog she knows her space and dignity. She gets along easily with other males and females. She is in season every six months. Irma is very muscular and agile bitch with amazing body control. She weighs at 26kg. Her height hasn't been officially measured but I have measured it to be around 54-55cm. Irma has a good double coat. She doesn't have any allergies or over-sensitivities, she has a good stomach. Irma sees a massagist and an osteopath regularly.

We have traveled in Europe and in Great Britain. On a summer 2017 we took part in Working test in Germany. She is calm traveler. She's never been stressed when I have got her out of the airplane. Travelling by a car she sleeps.

Irma is a dog I have been looking for. She is a pleasure to work with and she always gives her best. At home she is playful but also knows how to relax. She is easy to train and she learns quickly. She has a huge desire to find game. She gets along with everyone. Irma has charmed many with her funny care-free and happy person.

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