My name is Maarit, a labrador enthusiastic from Tampere, Finland. I've been interested of labrador retrievers since my childhood because of my grandfather who had labradors since the 80's.

I was introduced to a field labradors in 2003 when my brother got himself a one. I was immediately drawn by them and I bought my first dog, a field trial labrador puppy 2005 at the age of 19 years. I promisesd to the breeder that I take my puppy to the retrievers field qualification test and while training towards it I became really interested about the sport and here we are. I got my next labrador 2009 and the third one, my first bitch and imported one 2015.

I did a lot of retriever sports and picking-up with my first and second labrador. They also worked as a flushing dogs. Before I had my third one I knew that I also want to focus on to an obedience tests and a scent detection dog hobby. Soon after the puppy arrived I started to deepen her ability to use her nose and I taught her to search really focused on a small area. We do not compete or work in this area, I only want her to have the possibility to use her nose and her search techniques. My dogs live with us and in the summer months we spent a lot of time in our cottage at the country side where they can live a true species-typical life outing whenever they want, sniffing around.

I passed the breeders basic course in 2012 and my kennel name Taifuunittaren was granted to me in 2013. I have signed the Finnish Kennel Club breeding strategy. My first litter were born in February 2013.

In my breeding I value a stable and a healthy labrador with a good hunting and game finding abilities, who is suitable for a work and as a sports dog.

Maarit Tikkanen
045 610 61 31
Tampere, Finland

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